Yap Island



 Yap Island

Yap, also known as Wa’ab by locals, is an island in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean. It is a state of the Federated States of Micronesia.Yap’s indigenous cultures and traditions are still strong compared to other neighboring islands.

The island of Yap actually consists of four continental islands (hence the alternative name of theYap Islands). The four are very close together and joined within a common coral reef and entirely formed from an uplift of the Philippine Sea Plate.

The land is mostly rolling hills densely covered with vegetation. Mangrove swamps line much of the shore. An outer barrier reef surrounds the islands, enclosing a lagoon between the fringing barrier reef. Source


map of Yap Island

Weather and Climate of Yap Island

The tropical islands of the Federated States of Micronesia enjoy consistently warm temperatures throughout the year. The air is humid and rainfall is generous. In fact, Pohnpei is reported to be one of the wettest places on Planet Earth, with over 300 inches of annual precipitation.

Tropical typhoons present a very serious threat, particularly to the low-lying atolls, many of which are very near sea level. Source

 Yap Island Temperature

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To enter Micronesia visitors must have:

A passport valid for 120 days beyond the date of departure
An onward or return ticket

Non-citizen who expects to stay longer than 30 days (as a visitor) must have an entry permit prior to entry into Micronesia.

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